We can divide the site into five parts:

1) UnixBench
2) I/O
4) Latest Updates
5) ToolBox


1) UnixBench


UnixBench is an application that evaluates many aspects, and based on that produced a score. Which are then sorted according unix bench.
UniBench to provide a basic indicator of the performance of a Unix-like system, some examples are:

Dhrystone / Whetstone / Execl Throughput / File Copy / Pipe Throughput /  Pipe-based Context Switching / Process Creation / Shell Scripts / System Call Overhead / Graphical Tests

2)  I/O


 I/O is the speed of read / write disk



An extract from the wikipedia for the non savvy:
IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) is a performance measurement used to benchmark computer storage devices. As with any benchmark, IOPS numbers published by storage device manufacturers do not guarantee real-world application performance.

4) Latest Updates

Latest Updates

You can see which are the last servers or devices that have been benchmark

5) ToolBox


Compare: They compare online backup/ CDN /Cloud / Dedicated / VPS services based on performance and not just price.

Coupons: Ofrecen cupones de alojamiento web para todos los hosts en ServerBear. Con esto usted puede ahorrar dinero.

Uptime: Find out which web hosts (that they monitor) have the best uptime record.

Run a Benchmark: You can run a command on the server to compare your server and load. They will send you an email when they are done.

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