Raspberry Pi Colocation 2.0

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Raspberry can do many of the things a desktop PC can do.The powerful graphics capabilities and HDMi video output make it ideal for multimedia applications such as media centres and narrowcasting solutions.

Now that you have your Raspberry Pi and have played for it for some time you think it might be a good idea to make use of it as a web server ( maybe Nginx ūüėČ ).

The second thing you think about it is : won’t my home connection either be the bottleneck or have lack of redundancy provided you just have a¬†single home conecction.

If you are a bit demanding you would like to have the network speed of a web hosting dedicated server. But the aforementioned comes at a cost ( that’s what you think of at least) and you think the Raspberry might not be most speedy box out there for the purpose.

Well both premises are false or at least the first one, as the second is arguable depending on your settings and the number of concurrent visits.

It happens that the Austria based webhosting company Edis GmbH, has been offering since 2012 a freebie which consists in the following:
The option of feeding electrically and RJ45 connectivity to the Raspberry ( as well as cooling)




Vultr Review

There is a new contender called Vultr. It appeared in the market recently and its most striking features are the 12 locations which provide low latency all around the world.
Their servers are provisioned with SSD to provide optimal IO performance.
The company offers free DDoS in certain locations:

– New York / New Jersey
– Chicago, Illinois
-(EU) Amsterdam, NL

Site home

In the pricing tab you will be able to have a glance at providers pricing models for each of their plans and services:


In the features tab you will be able to obtain a list of specs of each of our vast list of providers:


Some of the disadvantages to consider:
– there are few locations available at the time being.
– their shortage provisioning of OS images:

Some advantages:

–¬†Choopa¬†has their own datacenter.
– You can take control of your VMs directly from their dedicated control panel.
-Featuring instant activation like other top notch providers like Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services, it makes it very convenient for programmers wanting to test their applications live.



We can divide the site into five parts:

1) UnixBench
2) I/O
4) Latest Updates
5) ToolBox


1) UnixBench


UnixBench is an application that evaluates many aspects, and based on that produced a score. Which are then sorted according unix bench.
UniBench to provide a basic indicator of the performance of a Unix-like system, some examples are:

Dhrystone / Whetstone / Execl Throughput / File Copy / Pipe Throughput /  Pipe-based Context Switching / Process Creation / Shell Scripts / System Call Overhead / Graphical Tests

2)  I/O

Is the speed of read / write disk



An extract from the wikipedia for the non savvy:
IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) is a performance measurement used to benchmark computer storage devices. As with any benchmark, IOPS numbers published by storage device manufacturers do not guarantee real-world application performance.

4) Latest Updates

Latest Updates

You can see which are the last servers or devices that have been benchmark

5) ToolBox


Compare: They compare online backup/ CDN /Cloud / Dedicated / VPS services based on performance and not just price.

Coupons: Ofrecen cupones de alojamiento web para todos los hosts en ServerBear. Con esto usted puede ahorrar dinero.

Uptime: Find out which web hosts (that they monitor) have the best uptime record.

Run a Benchmark: You can run a command on the server to compare your server and load. They will send you an email when they are done.

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