How to choose the best hosting for my website?

Many of us always wanted to have our own web site. We happen to have a good idea and we have a programmer friend or an acquaintance that can code the web site for us, but when we have it finished, we realised that we have to invest money to have our own web site.
Specifically, we have to choose where we are going to host our web site having so many choices in this vast internet world, which has a cost.
To make what a web hosting provider is a bit cleaner, what has to be considered at the time of choosing the most appropriate one is:

  • every aspect we choose to rent a house for our family.
  • when we think about the previous point, we not only consider how much the owner will ask for the rent, but we will also think about how many rooms the apartment or house will have ( the specifications).

The specifications should be enough so that our family can be:

  •  comfortable
  • the neighborhood ( whether it´s close to the bus stop or/and underground stations so that they can get arround easily)
  • if the house has the security for our family
    and so on.

In short, we evaluate a bunch of aspects before taking the final decision.
When we choose a house, we have to pay attention to the kind of family we have. So therefore, when we choose a web hosting provider we should be paying attention to the kind of website we want to host.

For example if our web site is intended just to show the products we are willing to sell, we should not consider a very powerful solution.

The opposite case would be in case we would be willing to host governmental or the case that it should allow that many people connect simultaneously to make online queries given that the horse power can be not scarce, so that it should be allocated as time goes by.
In this latest case, also there will be needed that it has a high processing power and that the uptime is guaranteed.
Let’s say that right now we are seeking for a web hosting provider to upload a blog. In this case we will be needing a provider that has a big storage capacity ( to upload multimedia) but we would not care much about processing power.


If you are considering to have a dating site with loads of traffic, the most recommended would be to have your own dedicated server. In our analogy : you will need a big house to shelter a big family.
An aspect that should not be forgotten at the time of choosing the best web provider is the tech support that provides at the time that an issue arises.
In case of the apartment we would be renting is that we would like that the owner would be willing to provide a helping hand every time something takes place.
To conclude, we can advise that if you will be hiring a hosting service to an unknown provider you should never be hosting for longer than a month instead of a year .

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