Get pocket the definitive solution to manage your bookmarks online

If you are an average web surfer most likely you make use of bookmarks within your browser. What happens when your computer fails, you are in a different computer than your daily one or simply want to search for one of those saved websites you saved but you can’t recall it’s name.

Well, with you can add an extension for your browser. You’ll need to create an account an you are good to go. After doing the aforementioned you can tag your favorite content to make it even easier to retrieve it later on.

Online Bookmarks

Get Pocket

There is a free version which works superb and allows you to make use of an online search engine which will search within the websites you’ve marked as favorite.

One of the things we did not like is the speed of the search process ( at least in our case we have lot’s of websites saved and tagged and that might make it slower).

The link for chrome and  for firefox.




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