Datacenters: Lower your costs and increase the security of your data

Nowadays we are immersed in a world where telecommunications went to take a key role in many aspects of our lives, especially in the field of business, regardless of the sector in question. I daresay that if the data systems of a company do not work properly or are not subject to routine controls , or can not guarantee the security and access to information , surely the company can not efficiently perform their work and therefore fail. There is a great variety of factors that undermine success in a company, such as those related to the country ‘s economy (inflation, interest rates, etc. ) , political affairs, governmental , cultural , etc. Most are difficult to control, because they are independent factors of the decisions of businessmen. But we have a factor that depends on the employers, the technological factor. This can be controlled and used  to prevent that the company does reach the expected success. Within the latter is located everything related to the different tools that exist in the telecommunications market to manage, optimize and protect this sensitive and crucial information to develop a certain business within a technological society. Therefore, that every businessman, entrepreneur or Systems Administrator information (be it administration of websites, servers, networking telecommunications, etc.) have the ability to put in the hands of professionals, all of that information deemed essential for the smooth running of their operations.


A Data Center, also called the Data Processing Center, consisting of a building or room designed specifically to accommodate the equipment and information systems where data resides that the the customer wants protect. It ensures the physical security, reliability and non-interruption of the unsuspecting customer data. To achieve this, it has redundant electrical systems, fire safety systems, cooling systems to ensure that electronic equipment housed in the data center possess the correct operating temperature and avoid un proper operation .

The UP TIME INSTITUTE provides education, publications, consulting, certifications, conferences and seminars, independent research, and thought leadership to the industry of enterprise data centers and for professionals in centers data. This institute is one that classifies data centers around the world according to the reliability of computing services that are housed within it. A data center can be classified as:



Currently there are many datacenters located throughout the world, allowing concentrate large amounts of data that companies use to run their business. Some examples of companies that hire services offered by data centers, could be all those who have a website to advertise your firm or to show the public its portfolio of products or services, where the data of the website are hosted on servers installed on data centers. Another example could be those banks who entrust their large data servers to the security and availability of the information you give them data centers. Some companies prefer to have their hosted servers in their own property, but installed back up their servers in data centers.
Given the services that a datacenter can offer, many companies who do not have availability of infrastructure can quickly access technology that otherwise would be very difficult and costly.
Regarding the security information, there is still much to develop, but we are working on improving the confidence to more organizations entrust their applications and servers in datacenters. They are developing new encryption algorithms so that more companies trust their data in datacenters.
The peace of mind of possessing all the information systems infrastructure of a company in the hands of a settlement with the features and security measures that can deliver a data center, is the reason why employers reduce operating costs by not having to worry for the maintenance of your data (purchase of new equipment for theft, fire, damage to electrical loads before) in the case of telecommunications companies that must provide uninterrupted services to certain customers, being associated with a data center , you are guaranteed not to have to incur expenditure for redress.
Another reason why organizations reduce their costs by trusting their data in data centers is that release IT resources and therefore have more business-oriented resources.

The following post will be describing the various services offered by data centers.

A concrete example of everything that was seen in this post, I will be able to see on the following link GoogleDatacenter, thanks for your comments and until next post:

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