Open Source Email Client!

We’ve been pleased to see a very promising Open Source Email Client. It’s called Nylas N1 and it’s available in Github. Go get it. The only setback is for Windows users given it is not available for such platform right now but they are working to release it. Stay tuned! Website: https://www.nylas.com/    


Get pocket the definitive solution to manage your bookmarks online

If you are an average web surfer most likely you make use of bookmarks within your browser. What happens when your computer fails, you are in a different computer than your daily one or simply want to search for one of those saved websites you saved but you can’t recall it’s name. Well, with https://getpocket.com you can […]


Interesting features about the Raspberry Pi 2

Last year we reviewed the Raspberry Pi which had plenty of interest among programmers and enthusiasts. Recently the Raspberry Pi foundation release a rocket powered tiny box. It actually has the same size as it’s predecessor but it’s been reported to have about six times the horse power and it costs $35. As a side […]



The idea of this post is to make a review of one of the VPS providers who has been expanding exponentially in the last couple of years. The company which we are making reference to is Ramnode. A company that offers to it’s clients a variety of services. Those services are VPSs with OpenVZ or […]


Raspberry Pi Colocation 2.0

Raspberry Pi Colocation 2.0 The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Raspberry can do many of the things a desktop PC can do.The powerful graphics capabilities and HDMi video output make it ideal for multimedia applications such as media centres and narrowcasting solutions. Now that […]



Vultr Review There is a new contender called Vultr. It appeared in the market recently and its most striking features are the 12 locations which provide low latency all around the world. Their servers are provisioned with SSD to provide optimal IO performance. The company offers free DDoS in certain locations: – New York / New […]



ServerBearReview We can divide the site into five parts: 1) UnixBench 2) I/O 3) IOPS 4) Latest Updates 5) ToolBox 1) UnixBench UnixBench is an application that evaluates many aspects, and based on that produced a score. Which are then sorted according unix bench. UniBench to provide a basic indicator of the performance of a […]