Easiest way to drill down your next SBC by specs

We had done some reviews about several SBC’s . While looking into a peculiar one google showed up to what we believe is the most concise and easy to drill down website specially made for this purpose : find the SBC that fits your needs by introducing each spec you would like to your next […]


A way to block ads before you download them

  Widely documented and with a single line of code, run this app that blocks ads even before they reach you. Claimed to work on any device and blocking 100 thousand Ad serving domains by blocking ads via DNS . It provides a neat web GUI and needs ideally 512mb of ram. From our experience […]


Chocolatey our featured app

It’s been a long time since our last post. This time we would like to share a handy way of making installs under Windows environments with simple commands just like some of our readers do with Visual Studio with Nuget extension. By the way this is how the aforementioned project describes themselves: Chocolatey is a […]


Hetzner expands to Finland

German Hosting company called Hetzner who owns datacenters in Germany (in Falkenstein and Nuremberg) and a third one in Johannesburg, South Africa, will now expand into Finland making use of their own fiber optic back hauling traffic in order to get cheaper bandwidth. Finland is very convenient given it’s location in which it will be […]


Top 10 VPS hosting

This time we want to share with you the top 10 VPS providers in the market. For those who do not know or are not very familiar with VPS’s, I would like to briefly explain what they are and how they can help us. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server,  virtual servers that provide either […]


How to choose the best hosting for my website?

Many of us always wanted to have our own web site. We happen to have a good idea and we have a programmer friend or an acquaintance that can code the web site for us, but when we have it finished, we realised that we have to invest money to have our own web site. […]


Datacenters: Lower your costs and increase the security of your data

Nowadays we are immersed in a world where telecommunications went to take a key role in many aspects of our lives, especially in the field of business, regardless of the sector in question. I daresay that if the data systems of a company do not work properly or are not subject to routine controls , […]